History of the company

  • Nextum s.r.o. was established in 2008 with the objective of providing services in the field of Performance Consulting, in other words to enhance processes within companies for direct impact on key company outcomes.
  • The driving force behind founding the company was the desire to offer our customers
  • The company provides consultancy services improving company processes which are closely linked to the attainment of the strategic objectives of our clients.
  • The company provides development services with the objective of enhancing the key skills of managers and effective workers required to meet strategic targets.
  • Nextum provides services in the field of crisis management.
  • We depend on the work of a seven-strong team of experienced consultants with years of successful projects under their belt indicating a proven track record in the field of sales management, financial services and crisis management.
  • The following companies rank among our clients - Raiffeisen Bank, Schenker, GEHE Pharma Praha, LMC, Sandoz, AV Media and more.